Elon Green Coin (GRNPC) Was Created To Accept, Endorse, And Support, Elon Musk's "Challenge" For Green And Renewable Energy For Blockchains.

This Was Decided After He Made Public Comments Regarding The Current State Of Blockchain Technology, Coin Mining Algorithms For The Current Top Coins, And Their Effect On The Environment.

This Is Easier Said Than Done. . . Metrics Have Shown That The Majority Of Blockchain Transactions Consume Energy Provided By Fossil Fuels And Other Means That Are Harmful To The Environment. Some Of Musk's Comments Regarding This Subject Has Triggered Controversy Amongst Peers In The Blockchain Community, & Environmentalists Alike.

Bitcoin Electricity Consumption

Furthermore, Elon Musk Has Made Comments Regarding Coin Distribution Models & More Specifically Has Raised Concerns Over Founder Or Creator Wallets Hodling The Majority Of Coins Which Can Create Liquidity Issues. Especially When A Coin Is In High Demand From The Public. Though The Concerns He Expressed Were Very Real And Very Valid, This Does Call Into Question The "True Cost" Of Many Of The Goods We Consume.

- The Current Challenges For The Top 20 Coins -

  • Energy Consumption - Most Of The Top 10 Coins Require Massive Amounts Of Computing Power. This Causes High Energy Consumption Which Unfortunately Has Been Primarily Delivered By Burning Fossil Fuels Which Harm The Environment.

  • Disparate Distribution Models - The Top 10 Coins By Marketcap Have Huge Staking Or Locked Values In Wallets Of A Small Few. This Can Damage Coin Liquidity & Makes The Asset More Volatile.

  • High Mining Fees - The Top Blockchains Have Major Mining Fees Which Carry Over To The End User

  • Transparency - Scarce Accountability For Infrastructure, Maintenance, Security, Burns, Mints Or Contracts Make Most Coins Seem Skeptical To Investors

  • Lack Of Interchangeability And Utility - Most Coins Struggle To Qualify For Use Case Purposes Outside Of Fiat Trading Because They Do Not "Attach" To Anything Tangible. Many Lack Mechanisms To Inter-operate Efficiently Which Henders Widespread Adoption. This Is One Of The Biggest Issues Regarding Cryptocurrencies And "Coins" In General. It's Also A Major Reason Why Many People Find The Concept Of "Real World" Tangibility Hard To Grasp When It Comes To Crypto And Digital Assets.

- The Solution - GRNPC -

  • Has A FIXED SUPPLY. GRNPC HAS 21,000,000 Coins Available @6 Precision
  • Uses <1000x BTC/ETH Mining Carbon Footprint
  • Has The Majority Of Circulation Available To The Public
  • Has Fast Transaction Speeds
  • Has Little To Zero Transaction (Mining) Fees
  • Directly Contributes To Correcting A Real World Environmental Issue That's Currently Effecting Every Day People Living All Around The Globe And In Space. (Yes people do live in space) All verifiable Through The Community And Blockchain

(GRNPC) Is The Official Coin Developed Specifically For The Elon Green Project. This Coin Was Created On The Tron Blockchain As A TRC10 Token In An Effort To Reduce The Carbon Foot Print Of Transactions Within The Network. GRNPC Uses Is 1000x Less Than TRX or TRC20 Transactions, And Tens Of Thousands Of Times Less Than BTC (Bitcoin) Or ETH (Ethereum) Mining.

The Goal - Along With Our Partners, We Will Continue To Research, Develop, And Deploy Real World Solutions For Green Blockchain Projects Like Solar, Wind, Hydro Powered Mining, And Terraforming Uninhabitable Landscapes On The Planet Earth, The Moon, The Planet Mars, And Beyond. Dedication To Making These Processes More Efficient, And Making These Places More Hospitable For Life To Flourish Is Our Number One Objective. All Transparently Taking Place And Verified By Ledger, On The Blockchain.

Tron & TronScan Are The Wallet And Network Of Choice For The Elon Green Coin Project And The GRNPC Token. This Insures A High Level Of  Security, Compatibility, Transparency, Support And Maintenance. The TRC10 Standard Has Also Allowed Us To Develop A Coin That Is Unique To The Specific Environmental Impact And Carbon Footprint Requirements Vital To The Foundations Of This Green Blockchain Project.

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